Craig Biddle

Hi, I’m Craig. I help people to think more clearly, live more fully, and advance liberty more effectively.

My books include Loving Life: The Morality of Self-Interest and the Facts that Support ItRational Egoism: The Morality for Human Flourishing; and the forthcoming, Forbidden Facts: Moral Truths Your Parents, Preachers, and Teachers Don’t Want You to Know. My book-in-progress is about thinking in principles. I’ve also written hundreds of articles, some of which are linked under select essays.

In addition to writing, I speak and teach on a variety of subjects including the philosophy of Objectivism, the morality of self-interest, the source and nature of rights, the science of selfishness, living purposefully, and thinking in principles. If you’d like me speak at an event or be a guest on your show, message me here with dates and details.

I’m also co-founder and editor in chief of The Objective Standard; co-founder and executive director of Objective Standard Institute; executive director of Prometheus Foundation; and host of the coming podcast, Under Standing.

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